Monthly Archives: September 2008

The Big List of Sewing Blogs.

I just got word that this blog has been included in the “Big List of Sewing Blogs” created by Suzical. My blog ranked #284 out of 483. Not bad. I’ve always been a C average kind of girl who tries desperately to get the A. So, you know I will be checking the list often […]

Gocco — finally!

I received a Gocco PG-Arts screenprinting machine from my Mommy for Christmas last year … and never used it. I was too scared. I’ve been reading Gocco tutorials for months and months but the whole thing seemed so overwhelming to me that I just couldn’t bring myself to take the plunge — even though I […]

Exciting New Goodies for The Shop.

I am addicted to making these sweet pinback button sets! I cut up vintage childrens books (that are way beyond repair) and I use the gorgeous illustrations to make these 1.25″ pins/buttons. They are so darn cute … and I think I could make them all day long … because I just love the artwork […]

Some Book “Referrals”…

Books I am loving right now:Print Liberation: The Screen Printing Primer by Nick Paparone. Perfect for beginner level screen printers. Comes with some ready to use art. So well written and engaging — with lots of photo inspirations. Mother Teresa by Mary Cobb. Yes, this book was written for younger people … but I just […]

Savoring the Last Moments of Summer.

Isaac and I … laying on our lastest thrift store quilt (just $5!) … in the backyard … reading our books … enjoying the gentle breezes … listening to the birds … watching the planes fly overhead … receiving the occasional whoopie pie from our neighbor (Grandma) … talking about the people, places and things […]

Young Photographers’ Photo Exhibit.

No more “Jodi Day Camp” now that my little friends are back to school. (Thanks guys for a fun time!) My favorite part of our “camp” adventures was the brief intro-to-digital photography class that I gave. Partly because I love photography, and partly because I love seeing the world through the eyes of children. As […]

Wordyness by Wordle.

This collage of words and themes from my blog was created here. It’s fun to make & see … Try it 🙂 If you’d like to see by word collage in a bigger format … click here. Hope you all had a great holiday weekend! Love,Jodi