Young Photographers’ Photo Exhibit.

No more “Jodi Day Camp” now that my little friends are back to school. (Thanks guys for a fun time!)

My favorite part of our “camp” adventures was the brief intro-to-digital photography class that I gave. Partly because I love photography, and partly because I love seeing the world through the eyes of children. As you may recall, we planned on hosting a photographic art exhibit at my home for the kids to show off their work to friends and family. Sadly, that didn’t happen, as summer came to a close far too quickly. But I promised the kids that I would post their favorite shots here as another way of exhibiting their work (so please be generous in your commenting 🙂

I will be displaying the work of two camp participants: Meaghan (11) and Sydney (6). Their works were photographed by them and then digitally enhanced by them on

And now for our show. Enjoy …

Fast Forward by Meaghan.

Meaghan’s ATV by Sydney.

Little Blossoms by Meaghan.

Duck by Sydney.

Misty Morning Fog by Meaghan.

Princess Sydney by Sydney.

Bravo ladies! Well done.

These young ladies took many shots … but chose these as their favorites. I think their personalities certainly shine through in their choices. Again, great work girls. Keep photographing!

And for the audience, I hope you enjoyed their work and will leave comments on your faves. Thanks so much 🙂



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