Monthly Archives: September 2008

Photography 101.

Despite the rain that Hurricane “Whats-His-Name” dumped all over New England, I was out in the woods this weekend — tripod and D300 in hand — trying my best to capture the true brilliance of fall foliage. Though this may come easily for some, I have filled my head with so much information on the […]

Praying for a Quick Sale.

Wow! Our house has been on the market for just 4 days, and we already have 2 showings tomorrow … and our realtor has received several calls of interest … with possible showings later this week. Hooray! We were worried about the housing slump … thinking that it might take weeks for anyone to show […]


The blogging world is full of free giveaways these days – in efforts to gain more readership – or to promote products. They are everywhere. Some are truly tacky, while others are lovely. I thought I would gather a few here for you all to take part in. Most of the time, all you need […]

Fall Begins.

So, can you guess what we did this weekend? I’ll give you a hint, it has everything to do with pumpkins. Goodness we love pumpkins. And in Maine, you generally “pick your own“. We went to this big ‘ole farm in Corinth, called Thomas Vegetable Farm. At 15cents a pound, I am not sure I […]

Common Ground Fair 2008.

According to my photos, it seems we were most interested in the animals of the Common Ground this year. Some years it is the veggies that inspire us, some years it is the fiber arts, other times it is the Native American crafts. But I suppose that when you have a three-year old in tow, […]

A Sleepless Night … so far.

As I type this blog post, my son is nestled comfortably between Daddy and me in our family bed. He is comfortable, warm, content and in a deep slumber. Daddy has been leaning over to kiss him occasionally when he rolls over to face Isaac. And I watch our boy intently and lovingly as he […]


Have you ever shared your life with a dog that you both loved and loathed at the same time? It can be a dilemma. We love our Chase. We do. We keep reminding ourselves that we do. But every morning, we are faced with a new disaster that he has created in the house. Every […]