Monthly Archives: August 2008

Young Photographers.

When “Jodi Day Camp” began, I had an idea for the kids to host their own art show to showcase the artistic creations they had worked on throughout the summer. However, everyday that their parents would pick them up from camp, the kids would ultimately show them their work and then take it home. Of […]

A Shout Out to My Man.

Hi all. I don’t have alot to say tonight … perhaps because I was so long winded last night 🙂 But I did want to give a shout out to my husband … the best fisherman in all the whole wide world 😉 … and to let him know that I am proud of him […]

Supporting my Family.

In my constant pursuit of a more “Handmade Life” … one in which I have the freedom to homeschool my child, to pursue my artistic goals, and to live as simply as possible … I am always searching out ways in which to financially support my family in a way that feels good and meaningful […]

Farmers Markets Are Yummy.

Oh the joys of our local Farmers Market. It is just 5 min. down the road … and hosts some of the yummiest, freshest, and most beautiful veggies from around the state. It is a feast for the eyes and the stomach. I love that Isaac and I get to meet the people who lovingly […]

292 Posts.

I cannot believe that I have actually blogged long enough to say that this is my 292nd post. Good stuff. So, what to say today … ??? Well, how about some random thoughts … I love reading the random thoughts of others, so maybe someone will want to read mine 🙂 * Isaac and I […]

Name This Photo – Giveaway.

I need your help. I love this picture, but am at a loss for what to “name” it. Please leave a comment as to what you think the title should be … and the person with the winning title will receive an as-yet-unknown gift by mail. Thank you! ~ Jodi

The Chickens are Home.

Ok, so they have been home for a while now. But this is the first time I thought to blog about it. We brought 9 out of 17 chickens to our new home. 9 of our favorites – that is. The other 8 went to a great farm in our old home town. So, One […]

Songs for Isaac.

Before Isaac finally came home to us, I would sing love songs to him … in my home and in the car … as loud as I could … hoping that the feeling I put into those songs could be felt by him hundreds of miles away. Once upon a time, I would belt these […]

Something New.

Oh how I am totally in love with my new camera. I could shoot photos all day long and never get bored. This camera just makes it so easy … all around. So, because I am having such a great time with it … and I am taking some photos that people have actually expressed […]