Exploring Maine : Day 5 : Corinna Squirrel

This post is such a cheat! And a couple days late to boot. We spent the last day of our vacation cleaning out the old homestead. Nothing very exciting about that. But I do have a story to tell. See this sweet little squirrel …

… well he has full reign over the old chicken coop now that it is uninhabited. He has even taken over the birdhouses. Seriously. Isaac and I watched as he exited the chicken coop, climbed onto the roof of the garage and performed Spiderman-like acrobatics in order to climb up into this old abandoned birdhouse without touching the ground or falling. I then had the pleasure of taking several photos of him as he just sunbathed from the birdhouse entryway.

But then, I got this bright idea to get closer to him and offer him some food from my hands. He sniffed it a bit … and within seconds bounded out of the birdhouse and lept straight at me … a brief attack … then he ran off into the bushes. I screamed so loud that Halis came running from within the house. Isaac was standing there as it happened … and after my initial shock, he and I got a big laugh out of it. Silly squirrel thinks he owns the place now.

No harm done. No tetanus shots needed. Just some surface scratches and a funny tale to tell.

Jodi Renshaw

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