Monthly Archives: August 2008

A Beautiful Slip of the Camera.

Sometimes I work so hard to take the “best possible” photos … that I neglect to see the beauty in my photographic “mistakes”. This became clear to me when I was searching out a photo for today’s blog post. I simply wanted to announce the winner of the “Name This Photo Giveaway” … and to […]

The Indoor Pond.

When I began this “unschooling” adventure with my son … which essentially began the moment he came home to me … (see You Are Your Child’s First Teacher) … I thought of all sorts of ways that we could keep wonder, creativity and opportunities for self-learning within our home. We keep lots of musical instruments, […]

Halloween? Already?

Well, sort of. I am trying to stay ahead of the holidays a bit regarding my offerings on Etsy. I have sewn up some Halloween garlands … looking forward to our favorite holiday … and have already posted them in my shop. Here are a few – with more to come: Oh yes, and I […]

American Folk Festival.

The three of us attended the American Folk Festival this Sunday, despite the fact that both Daddy and Isaac were very grumpy (thus making Momma equally grumpy by end of day). We did manage to squeeze in some fun in between though … and even enjoyed some unexpected Haitian music. Grumpiness aside … we are […]

Exploring Maine : Day 4 : Home

Is it cheating if I say that we stayed home for today’s vacation day so that we could “explore” our yard? Well, to clarify, we didn’t actually “explore” … rather, we “rearranged”. More to the point … Halis rearranged by using my Dad’s new toy to move some earth and trees in our backyard. We […]

Enjoying Maine : Day 2 : Cascade Park Trails

I thought I knew Bangor well enough. I was wrong. There are so many spaces here that I have not yet explored. Isaac and I have been to Cascade Park before, but we never knew that there were walking/running/biking trails that surround the park. We thought the waterfalls were the main attraction. It turns out […]

Enjoying Maine : Day 1 : Fishing

I chose Maine … and Halis followed … then my parents. I just love it here. Sometimes I think I might prefer the Northwest … but New England seems to have a permanent grip on me. And I never tire of exploring it. There is just so much to see, do and enjoy here … […]