Meaghan is Home.

Our sweet Meaghan is back from a two-week camping trip to the Tim Horton’s Camp Kentahten in Kentucky. And I swear, she came back looking older, more mature and with a little extra joy in her step. What a “big girl” thing to do … to fly out to camp, stay there without your parents, meet new friends, try new outdoor activities, etc. I never did such a thing in my youth, so can only imagine the excitement of it all.

However, while she was away, her parents were going a little *nutty* without her. (I would too). Her Grandmother (aka Mom) missed her terribly. Apparently it is one of the camps policies that the kids don’t call home and vice versa … and that was near torture for her parents. So, after Meaghan came off the plane, received all sorts of hugs, kisses and “Welcome home”s from her parents (aka grandparents), her cousin, Isaac and me … and chatted endlessly about how much she thoroughly enjoyed her experience … her Grandmother turned to her and said (in a very dead pan manner) “You are never doing that again.” Meaghan’s jaw dropped … but I could barely contain my laughter. I knew what a hard time her parents were having with her absence, but I also knew that our Meaghan must have had the time of her life and that she likely didn’t miss any of us… and would turn right around and head back to that camp for the rest of the summer if she could. Therefore, the whole scene felt rather comical. Her Grandmother began to explain that going two weeks without being able to talk to Meg was just too much … the not knowing … the missing … etc. To which Meaghan replied (quite innocently), “But I was okay. I mean, no offense or anything, but I didn’t miss any of you guys.” Hilarious. I wish I video taped the exchange.

I suppose it was funny to me because it is so darn natural for our kids to begin to want to venture the world without us … at the same time that we want so desperately for them to maintain some of their youthful dependence on us. I will experience this mother/child phenomenon soon enough … and I won’t find it so funny. But to watch it take place from a distance had me laughing with joy and wonder at the human experience.

Anyway, we are so glad to have Meaghan home. So thankful that she thoroughly enjoyed her time away. Isaac was literally shaking with joy at seeing his “Sissy” come off the plane. And it led to some wonderful conversations about the day that he *finally* came home to us … off a plane … into the waiting arms of so many who love him.
Jodi Renshaw

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