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Daddy brought home a complete set of drums. No one here actually really knows how to play the drums. But we think we do. We now have an electric guitar, an acoustic guitar, a set of drums and a keyboard. And no one knows how to play any of them so that the music is […]

Play – often and outside.

A lovely and talented friend of mine “from across the pond” tells me that August 6th, 2008 is National PlayDay in England. Playful events will take place throughout the country on that day. Many events are organized by England’s National Children’s Bureau whose motto is: “Letting children go out to play is one of the […]

A Much Anticipated New Toy …

… for Mommy 🙂 I just received a Nikon D300 … a camera that I have been longing for for nearly a year. And I think I am in love. It is amazing how the “right tool for the job” makes all the difference. Here is my very first picture taken with my new toy: […]

Meaghan is Home.

Our sweet Meaghan is back from a two-week camping trip to the Tim Horton’s Camp Kentahten in Kentucky. And I swear, she came back looking older, more mature and with a little extra joy in her step. What a “big girl” thing to do … to fly out to camp, stay there without your parents, […]


My recent shout out for some help in gathering school supplies for Haitian children was heard and responded to by several generous souls. Thank You. The help that you give to any Haitian child can truly turn a life around — or even save it. A lovely Mommy named Susan (Mommy to 4 Haitian sweeties) […]

You Will Thank Me For This.

This is the best cd (see above) that I have ever bought. Seriously. Elizabeth Mitchell has an amazing way of creating music for children that is also well enjoyed by their parents. Her voice is fresh, soft, and soothing. And her songs are a perfect mix of energy and calm. Use this link to sample […]

My Memere’s 85th Birthday Party.

This weekend Halis and I travelled to our hometown to celebrate my Grandmother’s 85th Birthday. All of her children were there … along with most of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren (those of you who were not there were VERY missed). It was a wonderful time, filled with laughter and love. And as I enjoyed my […]

The Completed “Great-Grandma” Quilt.

~ Great Grandmother ~For the happiness you’ve broughtand lessons you have taught,For the way you’ve caredand the wisdom you’ve shared,We are thankful and truly honoredto have a great grandmother like you. With Love,Mackenzie, Hunter, Emy, NicAdina,IsaacAna, Lauren, Sophia& Rylie Made With Love, Jodi