Monthly Archives: April 2008

Our New Neighbors.

Moving from the country to the city may prove to provide us with more wild friends than we might have imagined. It seems that we will be greeted by all sorts of critters on our new acreage. Already we have seen bear, deer, ravens, and this guy: To see this guy in action, click here. […]

Emergency Room Visit.

You may remember from a previous post, that Halis and I are not very good at remaining calm when our baby is sick. Ok, mostly I am not very good at it — and Halis usually has to console both Isaac and me. So, on Saturday, when I went to go pick Isaac up from […]

Daddy’s New Toy.

What a beauty … or at least she will be soon. She runs, drives, and was inspected in 2007. A sweet ride for just $200! And in case you have forgotten just how cool this car is … check this out : This should be fun! I can’t wait to ride shotgun in my husband’s […]

Granny Squares in Need of Assistance.

I inherited these gorgeous, hand-knit granny squares (is that what they are called?). They are lovely, but unfinished. And I do not knit. I wish I did. So, I am posting this photo to ask you all for advice. Can I use them just as they are? Is there someone out there who is willing […]

Defending the Rights of Cows.

Scene: driving through the city – on our way to visit Auntie Isaac: “Mama, where are the cows?” Mama: “They aren’t here babe. We are in the city now. The cows are in the country.” Isaac: “Cows aren’t allowed in the city?” Mama: (stunned that he understand the word ‘allowed’) “No, Cows aren’t allowed in […]

My Best Friend.

(Here is my best friend – at the mall – trying on bras – outside of the dressing room – trying to be goofy enough to embarass my Mom – which she did – cracking me up with her pink long-johns and commentary…) I never knew that I wanted or needed a “best friend” until […]

Isaac Bakes Cakes.

Since watching Max (of Max and Ruby fame) make his own Birthday cake (on our latest Max & Ruby video ) … my son wants to bake a Birthday cake every day. Every day. Because every day is somebody’s birthday after all. And as often as I can, I indulge him in this … because […]

The New House is Coming Along …

I am loving the colors! And while I paint, my son bakes. And bakes. And eats. And bakes. Then cooks. And eats. And eats some more. Because that is what Grammies do with their Grandbabies. That … and my Mom is the cook/baker for my Dad’s catering business. More “New House” photos to come. I […]

Refreshed & Very Much Alive.

I think that you have to live in a Northern, snowy state like Maine in order to fully appreciate how refreshing Spring is to the body, mind and soul. After months of seeming hibernation, Spring becomes an awakening and a re-birth in every possible way. I find myself wanting to dance, sing, play, make-love, make […]

Tracey, please send me your address 🙂 All others who participated: if you would like to purchase this set of notecards, please write me at and I will give you the most incredible deal of your life (just pretend it is, okay?) … all 8 cards for just $5 plus shipping. That is a […]