When Momma is Not Feeling Well.

When all I want to do is lie in bed with my humidifier, a bag of Halls, some Vapo-Rub and a good book … I remember that I am a Mommy … and staying in bed is not an option. I know that someday soon it will be an option, as I will be moving into my new house in just 2 weeks … right behind my parents house. And soon, if and when I am not feeling well, Isaac can walk the twenty feet to Grandma’s house and be endlessly entertained while I recover.

But this week, that was not an option. So, like many modern Mamas, I had to turn to the television. I am not proud of this. I have a love/hate relationship with television. However, we don’t allow for commercial television. Just PBS & well thought out DVDs. I can live with that.

So, when I came down with one of the worst viruses I have had in a long time, I turned to Amazon.com and purchased as many DVDs as I thought would keep my son happily entertained while Momma recovered. I painstakingly read nearly every review of each DVD that I chose … wanting to be sure that these videos were more than just entertainment, but that they also had some additional educational or social value. I think I did well in my choices … so I am passing the list on to you Mamas of young ones … in case you should ever need some recovery time of your own (click on titles for more info):

The biggest hits were Max & Ruby (Isaac identifies with Max’s antics), A Big Big World, and Little Bear (as always).

All of the above videos are very gentle. They are not “in your face” fast-paced cartoons. They have a gentle rhythm and flow … and that is important to me. So, if it is important to you as well, I would check them out.

Oh – and I am almost fully recovered now … so no worries šŸ™‚ We even played outside for a while yesterday. 40 degrees! Spring is almost here!



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