Monthly Archives: March 2008

The Colors Have Been Chosen!

Here are the interior colors of our new home. I guess I was in a very “Spring” and “Retro” mood when I picked them out. Color names from top to bottom: Vintage Orange, Intense Jade, Sunflower, and Garden Medley. All from Behr. I will let you guess which rooms these are for … and then […]

When Momma is Not Feeling Well.

When all I want to do is lie in bed with my humidifier, a bag of Halls, some Vapo-Rub and a good book … I remember that I am a Mommy … and staying in bed is not an option. I know that someday soon it will be an option, as I will be moving […]

The Miraculous.

When we come to it./ We must confess that we are the possible/ We are the miraculous, the true wonders of this world/ That is when, and only when/ We come to it. ~ Maya Angelou


Ahhh … what a nice day we all shared today. We enjoyed a lovely and simple Easter with family & friends. We hope you did too 🙂 The Easter Bunny brought Isaac his own camera (along with a trail full of colorful eggs). Please click HERE to see some of his personal photography. He is […]

Welcome Spring! (Sort of …)

Welcome Spring! Happy Birthday Mom! You are the greatest 🙂 Happy Birthday to the late Mister Rogers! (Are you wearing your sweater today?) Now, Universe/God/Creator, it is officially “Spring” now so I am begging you to bring on the sun. I mean, down on my knees pleading. I am ready to negotiate. At least stop […]

Finally! They’re Here!

I am so excited to debut some of my photography note cards on Etsy. It has been a not-so-secret passion of mine to take my photography to the next level — retail sales. Though I consider myself a true novice in the field of photography, I am incredibly passionate about it … and about my […]

An Egg is Quiet.

I have faith that spring is coming despite the seven-foot snow piles in my front yard. I have been here before … in that limbo of a March in Maine … where the sun shines but the snow continues to fall. I know that in just a couple of weeks, I will be “enjoying” mud […]

Isaac’s 3rd Birthday.

My baby is 3 today. Such a big boy already. So sweet, kind, curious, loving, strong, playful, and insightful. I am so very proud. I am so very thankful. As is our tradition, Isaac put on Daddy’s shirt today to see how much more space his body takes up in it. He has proven that […]

Good Clean Fun …

I am not one for “bells & whistles” type toys in our home. Give me some Goodwill or hand-me-down little “men”, a storage container full of water & bubbling Ivory soap, a towel to put it all on … and I will show you a happy little boy who is cheerfully occupied for hours. Yes, […]

Today’s Etsy Update …

… included several recycled journals. So darn cute (and useful!). … but did not include the photographic notecards & photo journals that I have been so excited about showing you all. They are simply not ready yet. Ugh. But soon … always soon… I hope you enjoy today’s update. There is also a very sweet […]