Monthly Archives: February 2008

Playing With Adobe Photoshop CS3.

A friend of ours introduced us to this intense Photoshop program and I am pretty sure that once I installed it, I could hear my photographs cheering . It is simply amazing! I didn’t know that a computer program was capable of “magic”, but this program proves it. You can literally take the world’s worst […]

Wee Wonderfuls & 30 Days of Yesteryear.

Several moons ago, I purchased this so-sweet pattern from Wee Wonderfuls: … and I finally got around to making a Spaceboy for Isaac: … though some have called him “El Nacho Libre” and others thought he was a Ninja. I think he is adorable though. And the pattern was SO easy to follow. Very well […]

A Few Things…

Yesterday was a fairly exciting day for me. It was my first visit to “the printers” (Bacon Printing to be exact). And this wise and wonderful man showed me all the possibilites of going further with some of my art work. We discussed making quality prints of some of my pieces … making notecards/calendars/stickers of […]

Finishing What She Started …

My Mother-in-Law taught me most of what I know about quilting and sewing. She gave me such a gift – one that I am forever grateful for. And when she passed away, I inherited many of her gorgeous quilts, her sewing machine, some of her fabrics, and several of her unfinished projects. I am currently […]

I’m Gonna Do It All … Someday.

When I first saw the following video, I cried … remembering myself as a young girl… When I saw it a second time, I smiled … knowing she never left me… May we all get back to the hope, curiosity and unwavering belief in ourselves that we had as little girls. And may we nurture […]

More Etsy Goodies:

CHECK OUT MY FLICKR PAGE FOR MUCH BETTER PICTURES OF THESE GUYS! Hand-Sketched, Screenprinted & Appliqued. One-of-a-kind bags. Perfect for passing out Valentines 🙂 Or just for showing how much you love owls. And Whoooo doesn’t? (I couldn’t resist). Enjoy!Love,Jodi