A Few Things…

Yesterday was a fairly exciting day for me. It was my first visit to “the printers” (Bacon Printing to be exact). And this wise and wonderful man showed me all the possibilites of going further with some of my art work. We discussed making quality prints of some of my pieces … making notecards/calendars/stickers of my photography … designing and publishing some of my work in book form… etc. I am now SO excited about the possibilites.

I went ahead and ordered limited copies of my piece “…and he gazed in wild wonder.” (see below) They will soon be available on Etsy as 8″ x 10″ prints – signed, numbered and ready for framing.

Also exciting is my husband’s wish for me to go ahead and buy myself the camera of my dreams. He said… and I quote… “Babe, because I love you so much, go ahead and buy the new camera you want. It will be so much fun for you.” To which I said, “Naaa… I want to save our money.” (see the difference between us?) But now I’m thinking about it. It WOULD be so MUCH fun!

I am looking at all the Nikon DSLRs … and am getting fond of the D70 & D200. Any advice? The D200 sure is a beauty:

And lastly, we actually went out AGAIN. the whole family. To eat. In the city. Again. I love it! We laughed, we smiled, we ate, we talked, and we were courted by the Ground Round balloon man 🙂 It was kids night at the Ground Round, and though I prefer privately owned, “Mom & Pop” restaurants, this was just right for a Thursday night.

Halis thinks that Isaac will hate us later on for all the dorky pics we take of him. I like to think that he will be so impressed at how much of his life I have documented in photos. Dorky or not.

Enjoy the day.



P.S. The “30 Days of the Everyday” project is complete. I love the resulting mosaic. And though I want to begin a dozen more photo projects … I think I will start with “30 Days of Yesteryear.” … favorite photos from the past 5 years of our lives. I will begin Monday. Anyone want to join?

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