Monthly Archives: February 2008

An Open Letter to Family & Friends:

Dear Family & Friends, As some of you know, Halis and I have decided to unschool (similar to homeschooling but not quite) our son and any subsequent children. We are very secure in this decision and are quite excited about it. However, we recognize that many of our loved ones are going to have questions […]

A Highly Recommended Book:

I bought this sweet book for Isaac before he came home to us. I just new it contained a message that I wanted him to hear over and over again. Little Raccoon is forever asking his Mom WHEN it is that she loves him the most. Is it when he cleans up his room? Is […]


The moment that I met my son – he was lethargic with a high fever. And I sobbed. First because I was so excited and overwhelmed to meet my baby, then because I was so afraid that there was something wrong with him. I kept turning to the director of the orphanage with pleas of […]

Just to Prove …

… that I am keeping my word … OR … that I am crazy…. See, I promised myself when I became a Mom that my child would never go a day without spending at least part of it out of doors. I call it, the “No Child Left Inside” program. And when I made this […]

Happy 35th Birthday, Halis.

To think that I met you 23 years ago! And I thought you were the most annoying guy in 7th grade. You have certainly “grown up” well. You have gotten sweeter, sexier, and slightly less annoying with age. We love you SO much. May this be the best year of your life … until the […]

Valentine’s Day Bliss.

Daddy had to go in late to work today as he needed to meet a repair man here this morning. So, Isaac and I took it as an opportunity to give Daddy a special Valentine’s Day treat … a homemade triple-chocolate brownie breakfast! What bliss — to have Daddy enjoy a weekday morning with us […]


Everyone here is feeling the full effects of a Flu right now 🙁 But – What better remedy for all that ails you than to cuddle up with your son in bed, lap-top laying across your chest, searching for wild, wacky and hilarious videos on YouTube? Well it seems that the Michael Jackson Thriller Album […]