Monthly Archives: January 2008

Day 10: Walking the Dog.

I am 10 days into my “30 Days of the Everyday” photography project and am lovin’ it. What a great way to photographically chronicle our lives – by participating in these sorts of group projects via Flickr. My cousin has begun participating in the “Project 365” project … and there are so many others to […]

Inspiration: Chief Mankiller

Many years ago I read this great book by and about an Indian chief who achieved amazing things for her people against incredible odds. Her story was such an inspiration to me. At that time I was just beginning my journey into womanhood … I had just left home to get married … and I […]

We Are On Our Way …

… to a corn-free diet! And let me tell you, this is not an easy task. I made it my New Year’s resolution to free our fridge and cupboards from anything that contained corn, high fructose corn syrup and any meats that were from corn-fed animals. I decided that this was in the best interest […]

Stationery Sets For Etsy

$20 & free shipping! I love everything about making these … the sketching, painting, the printing, the patchworking, etc. I plan to make these in all sorts of themes… they are just way fun to make and use. Any suggestions? Love, Jodi


Day 6: “30 Days of the Everyday” Okay, Halis and I may have been the only people left in America who had not yet seen the television hit show LOST … until this week. (Go ahead, laugh it up … we are so pop culture deprived). And we are now insatiably hooked. We are attempting […]

Squirrel Obsession.

So, speaking of squirrels … Isaac and I have had quite the obsession with them lately. The recent warm weather in Maine (yesterday was 45 degrees) has caused many a critter to venture out of their warm nests to scout for food. And the best location to watch these funny little guys is at my […]

The Ordinary & the Everyday.

My dad hates dandelions. And I don’t get it. He will plant yellow Mums of all sorts around his property, but he gets so angry when these sweet little yellow dandelions pop up all over his yard. Dandelions are free and abundant, therefore they are ordinary, unimportant and a nuisance. To him, dandelions are ugly […]

Craft Book Love.

Ahhh … I can’t tell you how happy my recent surge in craft book collecting has made me lately. I used to buy maybe three or four new craft books a year. But in the past two months or so, I have added at least 10 to my collection, and I am almost giddy with […]

Feeling Better.

Hi all. I hope you are well. We have all been “under the weather” here which is why I have failed to post recently. But lots of rest … and some refreshing outdoor walks … has restored us to better health. Now I have that feeling that comes after having been “laid up” for awhile. […]

Saying Goodbye to the Christmas Season.

Like so many other folks, we are in the process of saying goodbye to the holiday season — at least for now. We are carefully packing away our Christmas decorations as it will be another 11 months before we will need them again. And somehow, this is never an easy task… in fact, it borders […]