Monthly Archives: January 2008

30 Days of ______________?

My “30 Days of the Everyday” project is coming to an end. Just 6 more days to go. And now I am wondering what photographic adventure to take next. Perhaps, 30 Days of: … Close-ups. … the Handmade. … the People in our Lives. … Home. … the Outdoors. … My Neighborhood. … Strangers. (see […]

Try Some Paper Crafts.

I have always enjoyed working with fabric. It comes in so many colors, textures, themes, etc. I love collecting it, cutting it, touching it (oh, I love the touching 🙂 and sewing it. But I had no idea, until recently, that working with paper could be so satisfying as well. I think I have found […]

Missing Home Already (partly).

I am going to miss these country walks so very much when we finally make our move into Bangor. I am sure that I post WAY too many “outdoor walk” photos on this blog as well as on Flickr. But I can’t help it … these walks are often the highlights of our days… and […]

Lovin’ the New Bag.

I am loving this new bag I made. Though it may look similar to many of the bags I have made in the past, it is actually quite different. I love the way the long shoulder strap slides through the shorter “strap” to close the bag. I love the pocket inside. And I love the […]

A Brief Reenactment

Scene: Isaac jumping on swivel computer chair. Dialogue: Mommy: Isaac, be careful. If you fall, you will get hurt and then Mommy will be so sad. Isaac: Am I you’re best friend, Mama? Mommy (while hugging him and taking him down from the chair) : Yes, you are my best friend. Isaac (as he cheerfully […]

Freezer Paper “Screen Printing”

My new friend, Celtic Mommy, suggested that my family might like to create our own “screen printed” t-shirts using a simple freezer paper method that she learned over at The Angry Chicken. I had heard of this type of craft before, but hadn’t gotten around to trying it … until I saw what she and […]