Monthly Archives: December 2007

Sharing a Secret …

Okay, it may be a little late for the holidays (or not), but I have a secret that I am only now willing to share. It may seem silly, but I have been very protective (okay, maybe the word is possessive) of my favorite place to shop for discounted books. As you may have read […]

More Bags … As Always …

I think that I will forever be making bags of all sorts throughout my life. They are so fun to make, so versatile, so useful and make great gifts! And they can also be created to showcase your own artwork. Here, I took a copy of a squirrel I had painted and turned him(or her) […]

Tree Hunt at Piper Mountain : 2007

I LOVE rituals. And heading to Piper Mountain with my friends and family in order to pick out our Christmas trees has become a recent, but favorite ritual. It has been a long time ritual of our dearest friends, and we are so thankful to be a part of it. You can see some fun […]

Holiday Banners for Etsy.

I just love these banners. I love hanging them all around the house for every occasion … even birthdays! The one pictured above is my “Winter Solstice” banner. It can be kept up throughout the winter till it is time to be replaced by our “Spring” banner. And they are such practical decorations in that […]

Still Coveting Owls …

While painting with Isaac one night, I created this sweet little owl: (Notice the 70’s thrifted coffee mug? – Also a passion of mine).And while browsing Etsy the other night (yes Nic, it is addictive) I had to buy this handmade paper owl : Only $5! I look forward to framing it and hanging it […]

Winter is in Full Effect.

Snow is so beautiful in December and January. Then, by February, we are begging the heavens to keep it away from us 🙂 For now, we are enjoying it…. all 16 inches of it. Isaac and I enjoyed our first sledding adventure together yesterday. It was a treat. Hope you are enjoying your winter as […]

For Brady :

I still haven’t seen my nephew yet, but will be presenting him this quilt in person in just a couple of weeks. I can’t wait to see that angelic baby face and those sweet baby toes. Love,Jodi P.S. This quilt was made entirely from fabrics left to us by my Mother-in-Law (Brady’s Grandmother), thus making […]

Falling in Love With Owls.

Well, it seems that I have entered into a love affair with owls. And not necessarily “real” owls … but rather, all the hand crafted owls that grace the many crafty blogs I read … as well as all the crazy-cute owls for sale throughout Etsy. It seems that I am entering into this love […]