Sharing a Secret …

Okay, it may be a little late for the holidays (or not), but I have a secret that I am only now willing to share. It may seem silly, but I have been very protective (okay, maybe the word is possessive) of my favorite place to shop for discounted books. As you may have read in the past, we are definitely a “book family”. We use them to learn new things, ease into the changes of the seasons, get cozy for bedtime, etc. And we love to give them as gifts.
So, years ago, when I found, I was thrilled! This on-line bookstore sells some great books at some ridiculously low prices. However, the selection is limited and changes daily, so it is not the first place I go to for books. I use to see whether the book I already want is available there before I go and pay full price for it elsewhere. And occassionally I will browse through to see if they have any great books that I hadn’t yet thought of.
And recently, I found a couple of GREAT winter books that I thought I would tell you all about:

Click on the images to see their info and prices. Then check out their reviews on Amazon here and here.

Here are 2 more reasons to shop there: 1. Their shipping fees are VERY reasonable 2. They give you a $5 off coupon for your next order – each time you order. So, run, don’t walk … and check it out. BUT only share this secret with a select few, as their book supply is limited 🙂


P.S. I don’t get any kick-backs for sharing this info with you.

Jodi Renshaw

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