Monthly Archives: December 2007

My First Snowman.

As a New Englander and as a lover of nature and whimsy, I am fully embarrassed to admit that I have never — in my 34 years of life — created or participated in the creation of a snowman or snow-woman. Apparently, this is a fact that I have never shared with my husband — […]

Some Fun Movie Making … Starring Us.

Ok… this is just for fun … so please don’t get mad, sad or angry … I am about to show you a hilarious video that I made on JibJab. But first, let me explain something … Halis and I have been life long Democrats and have had to switch parties this year in order […]

Some Handmade Gifts That I Can Now Show You …

… because they have already been gifted away to my loved ones. I made these pillows for my best friend’s couch: I made these ornaments for my Mom as well as my Brother-in-Law: I made these stationary folders for several ladies in my life. These were my favorite sewing project this season: They included notecards […]

Introducing …

… my godson, Mr. Brady Borromeo: What a special Christmas present I received! I get to be his godmother and to assist with his relationship to the Creator throughout his life. How wonderful. Brady ~ we are so happy that you have joined our family. We love you. ~ Aunt Jodi

Christmas Eve 2007.

A CHRISTMAS POEM We’ll touch the candle of our hearts To the flame of the Advent Star And set the light to burn a path Where the darkened places are. And some who never lift their eyes To the stars that flood the night, May find their way to a Bethlehem By our candle’s friendly […]

Christmas Tree 2007

So, here is the story of this year’s Christmas tree in the Renshaw–Sirimoglu household. Yes, there is a “story” — though I am not sure whether it comes with a moral or any nugget of wisdom, but it is a “story” none-the-less. As you may remember, we travelled to Piper Mountain with some friends to […]

Oh the Joy of Sewing!

I am having so much fun trying out new sewing patterns … made by me… but inspired by others. I recently uploaded some of my favorite photographs to in order to create some fun note cards for gift-giving. But after ordering them, I realized that they needed patchwork stationary wraps … you know … […]