Monthly Archives: November 2007

Friday Night is Family Game Night …

… and not because a tv commercial told us so 🙂 Friday night is game night because that is when Meaghan comes “home”. And Meaghan loves games. She recognizes that a good game brings us all together in laughter and playful competition. Games help her to feel better connected to us … and I think […]

TV / Movie Reviews (sort of) …

Our family has a love/hate relationship with television and movies. We love the storytelling of great movies and programs. We love the education that really great, well-thought and well-intentioned programs can offer : introduction to various cultures, reinforcement of positive values, insights into various human conditions, explorations of the world-at-large, etc… However, we “hate” those […]

New Etsy Items For Sale!

Hooray! I have finally placed something new in my etsy shop: This Handmade Life. And it is terribly sweet! There are only 4 available at this time, so get ’em while their hot (literally, as I just pressed them 🙂 I plan to add more goodies for Christmas ~ so please check in with me […]

Most Thankful.

We had a great Thanksgiving ~ spent with our best friends ~ sharing laughs ~ playing games ~ eating some great foods ~ and just spending quality time together. I am thankful. And I am most thankful for these two cheeky monkeys … I hope you all enjoyed one another as well 🙂 Love, Jodi

A Weekend of Sewing.

Yesterday, I enjoyed my very first day – home alone – since Isaac came home to us one and a half years ago. And I cried. Yes, I cried. I cried as my husband was driving off with him and Meaghan. I cried because I don’t “do this”. I don’t take time away from my […]

Encouraging Missy.

My best friend in life, Melissa, is an amazing artist. She has been beading since she was a young girl. She grew up on ” Indian Island” which is a Penobscot Indian Reservation in Maine. It was there that she was taught various native arts throughout her childhood. She does amazing work and really enjoys […]

The Quiltmaker’s Gift

A new quilt project for a special someone. I bought this wonderful Mary Engelbreit toile fabric at Mardens (a must stop for all fabriholics in Maine). And then I grabbed some additional sweet fabrics from my stash, as well as a gorgeous pattern from one of my favorite quilt books: Quilts From the Quiltmaker’s Gift […]