Monthly Archives: October 2007

A Letter to My Husband:

Dear Halis, Yesterday made 12 years of marriage for us. And neither one of us is surprised. This was meant to be. And as you put it, “I look forward to the next 12 years too”. Because we are both so darn busy right now (helping my parents, trying to move, selling off your Mom’s […]

For Mom :: For Etsy

Mom loves pumpkins all year round. I made this bag to cheer her during this chaotic time in her life. I made 3 of the following Mermaid bags. I just love these! I will be selling 2 on Etsy and giving one as a gift. They will be $20 each. I will post them asap. […]

Saved From the Fire.

My dad found an undeveloped roll of film that was saved from the fire. He dropped it off for one hour processing and found that it contained photos of Isaac’s first day spent with Grandma while Mommy went for a day “out”. I didn’t even know these pictures existed and now I am so glad […]

Daddy – the Hockey Hero.

Isaac LOVES to watch his “Daddy play friends, Momma”. Daddy looking so manly in his hockey gear. Well, at least Momma thinks so 🙂 Daddy working hard. It is lonely in the stands at 9:30 pm! Daddy hopes that Isaac follows in his footsteps. Mommy is “begging Jesus” that he does not.I think ballet or […]