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The beautiful autumn foliage has passed. The trees are now dormant. The corn fields have been harvested. The chill of winter has arrived. And the birds are flying south… And as I watch these birds take flight for their new (though temporary) homes in the sunny south, I think of our family’s own upcoming migration… […]

And the Winner is …

… well, before we get to the winner, let me first say that I HATE drawing names for raffles. I always wonder whether I did it right … though I am not real sure how to do it wrong either. Anyway, I tried to get one of my favorite chickens, Nashua (a New Hampshire Red), […]

Stay Tuned…

Tomorrow night, I will announce the winner of the “I Won Something & You Can Too” raffle. So far, raffle participants are as follows: SarahCellobellaKaitMissyAmandaGailMandyKBJodiPaulaNicole AngelaPerhaps you would like to take the time to look at one another’s sites. Thank you all for participating & especially for sharing my world. Good Luck Ladies! And for […]

Homemade Christmas :: Memory Game

I am still working on crafting all of my Christmas presents for this year. I just finished making this Memory Game for Isaac and thought I would share it with you all. I plan to make a few more for Etsy. So, that is one more gift done and LOTS more to go 🙂 Love,Jodi

A Walk to Remember.

Because we will not be living here for much longer, because our neighborhood is gorgeous in the fall, because we all needed a break from our house, because we wanted to say farewell to the migrating birds, and because we love one another and needed some quality time together …. we took a wonderful walk […]

I Won Something & You Can Too!

My blogging friend, Paula, just awarded me this sweet Blogger Award. This is a first for me. And if you would like to learn more about it, please read this. Thanks to all who read this blog! If you have yet to make yourself known, please do so in the comments section. I think I […]

Yeah for Pumpkin Picking!

We did it, we entered into a fun fall activity. That post yesterday really gave me the *umphh* to schedule in some fun time with my little man. Thanks Paula for the inspiration also! Right here in Corinna, we have this sweet little farm stand with all sorts of pumpkins. But if you choose to, […]

Neglecting Fall.

I am the kind of person who used to wait all year for the coming of fall because it meant the following: crisp cool air photographing gorgeous fall leaves my birthday my anniversary friends by the bonfire pumpkin carving hot soups scarecrow making Halloween decorating (my favorite holiday) But sadly, I have yet to be […]

Happy Birthday to Me.

And for my birthday (though she didn’t realize it), my cousin Crystal just sent me these random pictures from her collection: This is Halis, Isaac and me at my Cousin Jeff’s wedding … being loved on by my second cousins Ana and Lauren. By the way, Isaac’s face is one of excitement … not pain […]

My Birthday Wish List.

I love my birthday! I love that it is my own unique day of coming into the world. And I often pretend that I was the only person ever born on this day, as it is mine, all mine 🙂 I love the cool brisk air and the brilliantly colored trees that surround my special […]