This Handmade Christmas – I Hope!

I have vowed that every Christmas present that I bestow onto a loved one this year will be handmade by me. So, I have ALOT of work to do!

I have begun by making Isaac a new quilt ( I think a yearly Christmas quilt will become a tradition). It is finished except for the handstitched binding. And here it is:

He is SO into elephants, that I thought a safari quilt would totally delight him. And so far, as he has caught glimpses of it (even though I have tried to sew in secret) he has gotten quite excited about the elephants. So, hooray for Mommy. I think this will be a hit on Christmas morning.

Also, I have begun a couple of “stuffie” projects as well:

I am going to put together a basket of stuffed puppies in a basket, thus the first puppy on the left. And I am also hoping to finish a line of safari stuffies to go with Isaac’s quilt. (Any patterns or ideas out there? The giraffe was all I could find so far).

So, that is what I’ve got for Isaac so far. I am also working on making a “Memory Game” out of fabric squares. It, of course, it has a safari/jungle theme as well 🙂 I have made these before with much success:

The above game was made last year for my neice. They are lots of fun to make – and pretty easy to make without a pattern, but if anyone would like some advice on making their own, just ask.

Well, I’ll keep in touch regarding my progress on the gift making front. I have also decided that if I cannot keep my vow, I will resort to purchasing second-hand items instead (Viva La Goodwill!).



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