Monthly Archives: September 2007

This Handmade Christmas – I Hope!

I have vowed that every Christmas present that I bestow onto a loved one this year will be handmade by me. So, I have ALOT of work to do! I have begun by making Isaac a new quilt ( I think a yearly Christmas quilt will become a tradition). It is finished except for the […]

My Hero … Mister Rogers.

I found this “old” Mister Rogers book for $1.99 at a local Goodwill store, and let me say that if I could afford to, I would buy a copy for every parent in the world. It is that amazing. It is titled, “Mister Rogers Talks With Parents“, and that is the beauty of this book […]


Yes, I am the kind of Mother who would do these things to her child …. you know, things like dress him up silly for my own amusement 🙂 He seems to enjoy it as well. Which is your favorite??? Love, Jodi

Inheritance II.

You gotta love my Father-in-Law. I know I do and I have never met the man. Sadly, he died when Halis was 11 years old. However, he was one of the doctors in the delivery room on the day I was born. So, perhaps we did meet and the rest was destiny. Anyway, I think […]

Orono Farmer’s Market

Our favorite Farmer’s Market is about an hours drive from our home, BUT, where else can I get such incredible food and friendship? Ummm… well … there! So, off we go just about every Tuesday or Saturday to purchase our veggies, meats, and the occasional flower or two. And we always find old friends (I […]