Monthly Archives: August 2007

Work-in-Progress Friday.

I am currently working on a self-designed embroidered quilt using some vintage Aunt Martha transfers that my Mother-in-Law never used. This is the first block … and it is taking me a lot longer than I anticipated. In fact, I thought I would have all 8 blocks completed while I was away on vacation. Ha! […]

My First “Tag” Meme.I have been tagged! Yes, there is such a thing as “Tag” in the blogging world. The whole “Tag, you’re it!” thing really excites me, I must warn you. I suppose it will get old in time … but for now … because I am fairly new to blogging … I have […]

Cheeky Puppy…

What is happening to me? I am SO slacking on this blog. My mental health requires that I maintain this blog … so I am sure that my rut won’t last for long 🙂Anyway, it seems that Chase has replaced his Dad as my spot-saver in bed (see previous post photo) …Cheeky little puppy! Well, […]

Remembering Our Blessings.

I am sorry that it has been so long since I have posted here. I am sure that I do not have legions of fans awaiting my every word and photo, but there are a few of you (thank you). And although I do blog in order to share my life with others, I mostly […]

NOW AVAILABLE: Custom Made Purses, Totes & Quilts!As part of my campaign to get serious about creating an online indie-craft shop via Etsy, I have begun making various samples of my work … hoping they will elicit some custom orders. I am currently working on a photo memory quilt that is turning out so beautiful. […]