The Library As a Social Event.

We simply love libraries … of every shape and size … in every town. But one of our favorites is the Bangor Public Library. In 1998, this once modest library was totally renovated by an extremely generous donation from our own Stephen & Tabitha King. Now, it is no longer just a library, it is bibliophile heaven! And visiting there can be more of a social event than even a town parade. Isaac and I have been fortunate enough to bump into many of our friends there as well as to meet many new ones. And though it is a huge place that now serves the entire population of Maine (not just the city of Bangor), we are still always greeted by name. That is Maine for ya!

Anyway, Isaac is at the age where he can really appreciate a trip to this library. It is a 45-minute drive for us … but worth every second. He runs through the library doors with joyful anticipation of what awaits him inside … people, books, toys, flowers (their gardens are beautiful), elevators (a real treat), movies, puzzles, and especially kids! This is a real social event for him.

Our most recent trip was particularly delightful as Isaac met and enjoyed two sweet little girls (and I got to have a bit of adult conversation). They played toys, picked flowers together, watched bugs, chased one another around the courtyard, and simply had a great time getting to know one another. It was such a joy to watch. With their Mom’s permission, I give you the following sweet images:

We may not remember the names of these sweet little girls, and we may or may not see them there again. But the beauty of the library is that there are always old friends to greet us … always something to do or share together … always fun things to borrow … and always new friends to meet. You simply can’t go wrong there.

How do you feel about your local library?


Jodi Renshaw

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