Monthly Archives: August 2007

A Post Worth Sharing …

This is terrible … I have no time or energy to blog these days. Sorry 🙁 My time is being taken up by this and this. Oh yeah, and this! However, I do want to share an amazing post with you all regarding making your own toys for children. I have decided that Santa is […]

Holding On to Summer.

We, like many of you, are doing all we can to hold on to the last days of summer here in the U.S. We are wading in our pools …We are painting outdoors (some of us paint naked) …We are sharing quiet moments under the trees with our new puppy …We are eating outdoors as […]

Antiquing With Bobo.

On Tuesday, Isaac, Meg and I spent the day shopping with Grandma Bobo (my Mom). It was a real treat. We went to Pizza Hut (Daddy came too), Downtown Bangor (where Meg bought a Webkin), the Antique Store (see above & below), and the Farmer’s Market (more about that later). How many people can take […]


This past Saturday was a special treat for both Isaac and his new puppy, Chase. They attended their first “outing” together … to the “Downtown Dog Day” in Bangor. There were SO many dogs there. It was somewhat overwhelming for the puppy and me, but Isaac thought it was wonderful. Every time that someone would […]

The Library As a Social Event.

We simply love libraries … of every shape and size … in every town. But one of our favorites is the Bangor Public Library. In 1998, this once modest library was totally renovated by an extremely generous donation from our own Stephen & Tabitha King. Now, it is no longer just a library, it is […]

A Conversation With My Son.

Isaac: (pointing to my nose) “Mama nose.” Me: “That’s right. That’s Mama’s nose.” Isaac: (pointing to my ear) “Mama ear.” Me: “That’s right babe. That’s Mama’s ear.” Isaac: (pointing to my mouth) “Mama mouth.” Me: “That’s right. That’s Mama’s mouth.” Isaac: (hand on my left cheek) “Mama face.” Me: “That’s right babe. That is Mama’s […]

Appreciating the Tranquility of Home.

I constantly vacillate between whether rural Maine is the best place to raise our family or whether we should consider moving to “the city”. For those who have read this blog since its inception, you are all too aware of my indecision on this matter. But can you blame me? I mean, our rural country […]

I Just Love Vintage Clothing Patterns.

Apparently, for quite some time, my Mother-in-Law sewed nearly all of her children’s clothing as well as her own. During her estate sale, we found piles of used patterns stashed away in a box. And now, as I look through Halis’s baby/toddler pictures, I recognize that so much of what he wore was made by […]

Time to Lose the Fro.

Before: After: And how does a Mommy keep her two-year old still long enough to have Daddy take an electric shaver to baby’s head? Well, Mommy serves him M&M;’s and gives him a noisy and colorful box of push pins to play with: And after all that fuss, the two-year old needs his rest:Daddy is […]