Monthly Archives: July 2007


Isn’t she absolutely gorgeous? Halis inherited her. She was his Dad’s for many years. And now she hangs on our stairwell. Halis and his siblings recently split up all the furnishings from his Mom’s estate, carefully and fairly taking turns to pick out the items that they wanted. Halis picked her on his first “pick”. […]

Toddler Treasure Bags Now Available on Etsy!

Upcoming young model Isaac, also known as “The Haitian Sensation” is seen here sporting the latest tote bag from the fashionable, “This Handmade Life” collection. These bags are all the rage of the hip toddler crowd. They come in handy for collecting seashells, pinecones, matchbox cars and other treasures. And they look good, too! These […]

Meaghan’s Black and White Still Life Photography. I handed the camera over to Meaghan today, gave her a short lesson on still life photography, and set her free in the yard. Here is what she came up with: I was impressed. It was especially interesting to see our yard through her eyes. She deleted a […]

THE END.Sadly, or rather … Unfortunately, I have just completed Book #13 in The Series of Unfortunate Events. And for those of you who are not Lemony Snicket fans, that means I have now reached The End of the series. I will miss my dear friends, the Baudeliare orphans. Though this series was certainly not […]

BEND-THE-RULES SEWING A hearty thanks to Amy Karol, who has written the first sewing book that has actually helped me to become a more creative crafter … something I had not counted on. Amy’s new book is titled, “Bend-the-Rules Sewing“. And although I think it could have used some better editing, it is a keeper. […]

Fabric, Fabric Everywhere … Without a Place to Sit.

There is fabric everywhere! I am still in the throws of selling off fabric from my Mother-in-Laws estate. We are getting fairly close to the end of her stash, but still have lots more to go through. So, if you know anyone who may be interested, please send them to for some great fabric […]

Happy Independance Day!

Check out those Fireworks! This gorgeous quilt was made by my Mother-in-Law a few years ago. Today it is proudly drying outside on our laundry line. Quite fitting as today there will be fireworks booming everywhere in the US. Enjoy your day.

Isaac’s Latest Quilt is Complete!

I finished Isaac’s latest quilt over the weekend. Not bad timing either considering that I just started it last week and I usually get distracted by other projects for a few months before I actually finish that which I originally started. What progress!Anyway, it is a very simple quilt that consists of 6″ squares of […]