Monthly Archives: July 2007

More Sewing … Getting Serious About Etsy. I am loving some of my new sewing projects! And frankly, my sewing skills are greatly improving almost daily. I have even begun to impress my husband (who tends to look over every finished project as though he was my home-ec teacher). So, I have decided that I […]

Good Gracious, He’s Adorable!

It is hard to believe that any creature could be THIS adorable. However, with Jack as his Daddy, he was bound to be a “looker”. So, all is well here. Father & Son are getting along just fine … though Jack did try to kill (or at least maim) the puppy last night. It actually […]

Welcome Home, Chase.

Today we brought our new puppy home. As you can see, he was quite taken with Isaac and chose to stay on his lap for the hour ride home. Isaac was so pleased. Every time the puppy would whimper, Isaac would kiss him and rub him tenderly. It made Daddy and I beam with pride. […]

There’s No Place Like Home.

Vacationing at the beach was wonderful. Seeing old friends was lovely. And as always, Ferry Beach helped me to discover new and interesting things about myself, Isaac and Meg. But, I must say, There is No Place Like Home! And I am so glad to be back. I missed my husband, my house, my bed, […]

We’re Here. And Lovin’ It! We have only been here for two full days and it already feels like a week… there is just so much going on! It is wonderful. I am headed off to do some Karaoke but wanted to say “Hello” and to leave you with a few photos. I have uploaded […]

Last Minute Vacation Sewing!It is always important to have some handmade goodies with you while you roam the beach (add that to my growing list of personal mottos). So, since I am all packed and ready to go, I took the day to make some “must-have” beach items. And to make the day even more […]

Packed For Fun & Relaxation. We are ready for vacation! Yes, “WE”, as in Me, Isaac & Meg. She decided to come after all and I am so looking forward to spending quality time with her. We are off to Ferry Beach, and as always … though I feel as though I only packed the […]

Owls in Corinna.

Thanks to the Corinna Library and the Chewonki Foundation, Meaghan, Isaac and I have learned more about owls than we ever could have imagined. And we got to see some live ones too! I never gave owls much thought before, but now I find them absolutely fascinating. I want to head out into the woods […]

Decision Made! On to Another One…

Okay, so we made this decision quite a while ago and I just forgot to tell you … oops. Anyway, we have chosen puppy #1 ! He’s the gentler, more submissive puppy who loves to eat and sleep.Now we just need a name. The folks who are raising him call him “Pork Chop” and “Tubby”… […]

PACKING FOR FERRY BEACH. Time to pack for another week of fun, relaxation, and spiritual growth at Ferry Beach! Every year, for the past several years, our family heads to Saco, Maine for a week long “Friends and Family” conference at the Unitarian-Universalist Conference Center – Ferry Beach. I lovingly call it church camp 🙂 […]