Father’s Day at the Beach.

Give me a weekend with the proper mix of the following ingredients, and I am in heaven: Halis, Isaac, Meg, the Coast of Maine, Some Beachcombing, Excellent Weather, and a Healthy Dose of Ice Cream. Ahh … a recipe for happiness.

For Father’s Day, we took Daddy to Belfast so that he could do a little fishing off the new walking bridge. We gave him some “alone time” while we hung out by the water to search for sea glass and other treasures. Daddy wasn’t successful at catching anything (partly because he had no idea that he was going ocean fishing and therefore brought all the wrong equipment – oops) but he enjoyed a peaceful day by the sea. And we are all much happier (and so much less cranky) for our time spent taking in the sea air. Here are some of my favorite photos of the day:

See that (above)? I successfully took a family portrait even though I was behind the camera! I love it.

I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Father’s Day Weekend. Thank God for wonderful Daddies.



Jodi Renshaw

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Jodi is a homeschooling Mom, a photographer, a wife, and a proud resident of the city of Bangor. She spends part of her time working at a locally-owned shop in the downtown area, part of her time homeschooling her favorite young man, and most of her time behind a camera lens. She often writes about adoption, family life, homeschooling, and community.