Monthly Archives: June 2007

All I Need to Know, I Learned From My Ducks.

Here is what my ducks taught me today: Enjoy ALL of life, even the unexpected torrential rain and subsequent mud puddles. There is always something to be gained from what may first seem like an unpleasant experience. Hmmm… Or was it: Live in the moment and enjoy life’s windfalls in whatever form they take. Fully […]

A Day at the Tidal Pools.

This past Wednesday, the four of us went to our favorite state park, Moose Point in Searsport, Maine. It is just an hour from our house and we frequent it often during the summer. We love this park because it feels so isolated and serene (yet it is in the heart of busy coastal Maine). […]

Daddy’s on Vacation So We Are Off to the Beach!

Hooray, Daddy is on vacation! I absolutely live for these vacation weeks. It is only during these random three weeks per year that we get Halis all to ourselves … and it is a great feeling. He is such an incredible man, wonderful Daddy and amazing husband. And I have a wicked “thing” for the […]

Strawberry Season!

Yum, yum, yum. Strawberry season is open in Maine and the pickin‘ is good. We went to opening day at the Adam’s Strawberry Acres in Corinth. And let me tell you, it pays to pick on the first day of the season. We picked the most delicious and juicy berries that you could ever imagine. […]

Isaac’s New Quilt (Almost).

It has been far too long since I have sewn something! Inspired by this post, I decided that I too would make a quilt for my son. So, I simply went through my stash to find some fabrics that would fit the following description, “Isaac’s Favorite Things” (Chickens, Trucks, Music, Clouds, etc). It is a […]

Jack’s Puppies.

Our Australian Shepherd, Jack, is now a Daddy! We went to visit his pups on Saturday in Winthrop, Maine. It was so sweet. They all look so much like him. As part of the breeding “deal”, we have first pick of the litter. And boy, oh boy, that is going to be a very tough […]

Father’s Day at the Beach.

Give me a weekend with the proper mix of the following ingredients, and I am in heaven: Halis, Isaac, Meg, the Coast of Maine, Some Beachcombing, Excellent Weather, and a Healthy Dose of Ice Cream. Ahh … a recipe for happiness. For Father’s Day, we took Daddy to Belfast so that he could do a […]

The Voice of God.

Isaac, If you are not the voice of God, then God never spoke. I have wanted to write this post all week, but can’t seem to find the emotional strength I thought it might take to express myself. See, I have been reading Cormac McCarthy’s “The Road“. It is very intense … and very foreboding […]