Monthly Archives: May 2007

“Opening” Day of Yard Sale Season.

I think my favorite part of the spring/summer season is scouring yard sales for all sorts of goodies. This past Saturday was my “opening day” for the yard sale season. And it was a great one! Not only did I find all sorts of yummy things for our home, the kids, Ebay, etc. but I […]


The day I became a Mother … May 10, 2006. To every mother, and to every child of a mother, I offer you this poem today. It is among my favorites, and is best read outloud with a joyful heart and a smile on your face. Enjoy … the lanyardThe other day as I was […]

And so it begins…

… the simple, carefree, joyful days of summer. Ahhhh…. the beginning of the summer season is filled with such hope and promise. We, who want to enjoy and savor every moment of it, begin to scheme and plan for day trips, parties, vacations, and beach combing (not to mention plenty of yard sales). Just yesterday […]

One Year Ago Today.

One year ago today, my baby Isaac came home. One year ago today, we became a family. One year ago today, we were blessed in ways we never could have previously imagined. One year ago today, the most amazing human being I have ever known began to call me “Mama”. My dear Isaac, I can […]

Some Creative Therapy.

I find that nothing can clear the mind and open the heart quite like taking the time to ‘create’ … whether it be a craft, a poem, a new recipe, etc. The soul just gets ‘fed’ in such glorious ways when we take the time to explore our creativity. Anyway, with that said, I have […]

Thank God, They are Found!

We finally found them … the only photos of my son and his Grandmother Pat. Sadly, she past away quite unexpectedly just days after Isaac came home to us. Thankfully, she was able to meet him and take some photos with him. For the past year, we have been searching her home, car and various […]

Life Giving River.

My very best friend in life, Melissa, lives on Indian Island surrounded by the Penobscot River. Her backyard abuts one of the most gorgeous stretches of that river. It is absolutely beautiful. She is quite blessed. And not just for her home’s location, but also because she is Mommy to two of the greatest kids […]

Crafty Us.

Daddy (aka Halis) went away for the weekend, and we three have been getting downright crafty! Ok, Isaac isn’t. But Meg and I just received Jenny Hart’s Stitch-it Kit through and have wasted no time in taking up this new craft. We have begun embroidering tea towels and cotton fabrics. We are using “easy” […]

Isaac Bakes Some Blueberry Muffins.

Yesterday’s post was pretty long on words … so I will present today’s “topic” through photos … Enjoy 🙂 Yes, that is our cat covered in flour. She was seated right below Isaac’s cooking “station”. At 18+ years old, the cat had no clue she was being snowed on. My Isaac made some delicious blueberry […]

So Much.

The day we met our son for the first time … August 20, 2005… in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. I have deleted the first sentence of this post at least four times now. I just don’t know how to begin. I experienced something today that was just … just…. So Much. A few weeks ago I sent […]