One Year Ago Today.

One year ago today, my baby Isaac came home. One year ago today, we became a family. One year ago today, we were blessed in ways we never could have previously imagined. One year ago today, the most amazing human being I have ever known began to call me “Mama”.

My dear Isaac,
I can never begin to express to you all that you mean to your Daddy and I. But through your whole life, we will try. That is a promise. We feel so honored and blessed to be your parents. And we promise to spend our whole lives showing you just how much we love you and believe in you.
For the past year, our lives have been filled with the most intense joys. Daddy still gets goose bumps when he sees you smile. And when Mommy watches you play and grow in new ways, I begin to cry happy tears. We love you so very much Isaac.
Isaac, you are an amazing little man. In just one year, you have blossomed into a curious, loving, gentle, smart, independent, playful, and very secure boy. You love your family, your home and your pets. You are crazy about your Mebay, Bobo, Poppy, Auntie, Sydney, Devon, Nanu, Grampy and Auntie Sue (and many more). You love to play with farm animals, trucks, dirt, sticks, water, and your stuffed frog. You are crazy for horses (so Daddy may have to buy you a pony later in life). You love to watch Babe, Nemo and Elmo. And Nanny McPhee makes you crack up laughing.
You cuddle up with Mommy and Daddy every night. We read books and wrestle. You love to give us kisses and hold our hands. You are so very loving and gentle. And if you could be with Meaghan (Mebay) every moment of your life, you would be ever so grateful! She makes you smile so big and so naturally. You light up when she is around, and so does she.
Son, we look forward to another amazing year with you… and all the years after. You are the sunshine of our lives. And we will always make sure you know that.
We took you to the airport today to celebrate your first anniversary home. This is the airport that you came home to … in Daddy’s arms. We wanted to return to it so that we could remember those special moments when you first came off the plane. You were greeted by Mommy, Meaghan, Sydney, Bobo, Auntie, Nanu, and Grampy… and many strangers who were so happy to see you as well.
Anyway, here are some photos that we took of you today. You have grown so much since last year….

And here are your very proud parents:

We love you to the moon and back infinity times two,

Mommy & Daddy

Jodi Renshaw

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