Monthly Archives: May 2007

Tote Bag Frenzy # 2.

Well, this is my second post of the day, as I tried to get better photos of these tote bags for you … but I am not sure whether I was successful … Anyway, here they are … And I also made some very sweet VW baby bibs to post on Etsy soon. Aren’t they […]

Tote Bag Frenzy.

After years of quilting, I only just discovered how to make tote bags. Now, a tote bag is a walk in the park compared to a Queen-size quilt, but I previously felt daunted by sewing anything other than a flat, blanket-like object. Sure, tote bags are “flat”, but they have to be made to hold […]

Memorial Day Photos.

What a wonderful Memorial Day weekend we had! I can’t think of a better way to spend a weekend than hanging out at the homestead with family and friends … relaxing, playing, eating and chatting. This is what life is about. I already shared the amazing experience that I had witnessing my Mom thoroughly enjoy […]

Simplicity is Wonderful and Grandmas are Divine.

Yesterday, we had my parents over for a cookout … just a simple gathering of the five of us … some food … some music … and absolutely gorgeous weather. It was so lovely. We ate, played cards, enjoyed Isaac, ate again and just plain relaxed. (However, truth be told, Halis spent much of his […]

The Good Life.

Isaac and I enjoyed an incredibly lovely day here in Maine. The sun was shining, with a gentle breeze, and the sweet scent of flowering crab apple trees filled the air. Ahhh… the good life. We just hung out here … with the chickens and the ducks… playing with pinecones … watching birds fly overhead […]

Random Thoughts.

I just can’t seem to come up with a unifying theme for today’s post … so I have decided to rattle off some random thoughts that just so happen to come with matching photographs 🙂 First, I am so in love with my blooming crab apple tree! I wanted to show you all how beautiful […]

Country Living.

First off, I had to show you all this picture of Isaac taken right before we left for a day of thrifting in Bangor. Is he not the coolest kid you’ve ever seen (besides your own)? That hat … well, he kept it on all day! He loves it. Every where he goes he gets […]

Birds & Buds.

Well, my creative juices are still flowing, and I continue to sketch some really fun designs for kids clothing. I have been inspired by my budding apple trees as well as the birds that are creating nests throughout my yard. So, here is the debut of a couple of new designs: I have sketched out […]

New Recycled Threads Themes.

I have spent the day designing some new applique themes for beautifying recycled kids clothes. I love the idea of this singing bird … and have worked on some variations of the theme. I am also drawing up some owls, dogs, cats and other sweet things. The above singing bird was appliqued to a short-sleeve, […]

Red Rubber Boots on a Rainy Afternoon.

Isaac and I went thrifting this afternoon and found these fabulous red rubber boots. They are no where near his size, but that doesn’t stop him from totally enjoying them. In fact, he won’t take them off. I chased him around the porch trying to capture his joy in wearing these through the lens of […]