A Lovely Spring Weekend.

Look what Daddy taught Isaac how to do today… sit in the freshly cleaned chicken coop and throw wood shavings all around! As I lay with Isaac in bed right now, I am still picking shavings out of his mini-fro. (Thanks Daddy!)

The hens are not amused…

As for me, I enjoyed making some pretend play children’s crowns over the weekend… I am currently using them to barter on a yahoo swapping group that I belong to…

What a lovely weekend in Maine … our first spring weather! Ahh… 70 degrees and green grass growing all around. We spent Saturday having a cookout with our best friends, the Goodales. Here is their sweet (mostly) daughter …

She is so photogenic!

Anyway, we had a great time with our friends. And then had a wonderful day at home on Sunday. We stayed out all day in the incredible sunshine… cleaning the yard and the chicken coop, throwing the football, watching the birds, etc. There is nothing better than spending a warm and breezy, sun-drenched spring (or summer) day together at our sweet little home in the woods … laughing and playing …. refreshing ourselves for the upcoming week.

And this lovely day was made even more special with an evening phone call from a very special ‘old’ friend, our dear childhood friend (and my first major crush and heartbreak) Matty (Matt B.). We have not spoken to him in nearly 10 years … and were so grateful to hear from him this evening. We have thought of him so often over the years and wondered if we would ever find him again … and then he called …. it was almost like a dream! (In fact, I may want to apologize to him for being in shock the first few minutes.) It was a wonderful conversation with a man that we both love so dearly. (I haven’t heard Halis laugh like with a friend like that in a while – what a gift).

I keep being shown that EVERYTHING is possible in this Universe … that goodness prevails … and that all things unfold exactly when they need to. I hope that Halis and Matty will be able to get together soon. It will be a wonderful reunion 🙂




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