2-year old Yogi Master.

A little known fact of my life is that I have secretly harbored a desire to teach Yoga to young children. I am not totally sure why. I mean, I do like Yoga (like, not love) but I don’t practice it (although I have in the past). But the idea of sharing such a beautiful, spiritual and healthy practice with sweet little people who have such open minds and hearts … well, it just sounds heavenly. And although I go through long spells of forgetting this secret desire, I was fully reminded of it today when I decided to introduce Isaac to some poses via a Yoga video that I purchased long ago.

I bought the video, Yoga Kids Vol. 2, along with the books 10-Minute Life Lessons for Kids and Incredible You. I was hoping to use these resources along with the title, Raising Peaceful Children in a Violent World, to create a curriculum for a one-week summer camp for my Unitarian-Universalist church. I wasn’t sure what the title would be … but the idea was to create a week of activities centered around assisting the children in awakening their own unique inner spirituality, to empower them with self-love, as well as to help them to find the peace and harmony within themselves so that they can nurture peace and harmony in all of life … etc … etc…

However, I never initiated such a program, though I think now that I will … especially after seeing how quickly Isaac took to participating in some yoga exercises today. It was wonderful! He even practiced the “OM” like a yogi master. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves as well as participated in some healthy exercise. The Yoga Kids video made it so easy to introduce some poses to him in a fun way … and gave me lots of ideas for continuing to keep his interest in yoga & meditation exercises (I highly recommend it).

And better yet … it got me exercising again!!! Boy, am I out of shape … and in great need of shedding some pounds. And there is nothing like wanting the best for your child to motivate a Mommy to also do what is best for her at the same time. I want my son to live a healthy lifestyle, and therefore I must show by example. So, Mommy is breaking out the yoga mats, organic fruit, walking sneakers and bottled water!

And maybe if I gain some flexibility, shed some pounds and motivate myself to create a Spiritual-Wellness Program for Kids (I see a title forming), I can realize my secret ambition to become a part-time yoga instructor for grade schoolers. That would be one secret ambition achieved … and only 412 to go!


P.S. The above photo of Isaac was taken tonight at Borders Bookstore, where I was shopping for even more books on rearing peaceful children, yoga for kids, and hip sewing projects (yet another passion).
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