Needing A Change of Scenery.

Well, I don’t think we can take it anymore … Maine is currently experiencing another major snowstorm … and Halis and I are compiling our possible relocation list. Seriously. We think it may be time. We have now lived in Maine for over 12 years and it has been wonderful … until now. I think we just have different needs & wants as “thirtysomething-parents” than we did when we first moved here. So, now we are hoping to eventually move to a completely new area … and enjoy a new family adventure …

Our short term plan is to:

  1. Buy a house in the “city” (Bangor/Augusta/Portland, Maine areas)
  2. Rent out our house in the country
  3. Travel throughout the country & overseas in an effort to scout out a more permanent move to an area that meets most of the criteria we have set

Our long term plan is to:

  1. Move to an area that meets the following criteria:
  • Must be within a 2-hour drive of the ocean
  • Must have healthy diversity
  • Must be surrounded by educational experiences/opportunities (museums, colleges, art, concerts, etc)
  • Halis must be able to earn enough income to support us so that I am able to unschool/homeschool Isaac (& subsequent children)
  • Cost of living & taxes must be reasonable
  • Must be in a politically moderate or liberal area
  • Must have some rural areas close by (in case we wish to live out in the country again)
  • Must have some nearby outdoor adventures (mountains, parks, lakes, etc)
  • Must be “safe-enough” to raise kids without any major fears
  • Must have opportunities for creating meaningful community connections

2. Live Happily Ever After

I know that our criteria can be met … somewhere. We are not looking for the “perfect” area … just the place that is “perfect for us” … even with all its imperfections. And here are some places that we plan to visit to see if they fit our criteria …

  1. Seattle, Washington
  2. Oregon Coast
  3. Massachusetts
  4. Mystic, Connecticut
  5. Cape Town, South Africa

We are completely open to suggestions (please post them in our comment section). Because “what one gives their attention to grows” (laws of attraction), the Universe (God) has opened up so many opportunities and insights for us since we began thinking about making a major move. We FULLY appreciate any thoughts on this matter … as they will all lead us to finding our new geographic location/ adventure …

We are also open to the possibility that this search for a new “home” may lead us right back to Maine (as it has for a dear friend of ours) … and that will be okay too (though I am secretly hoping for a MAJOR move so that I can experience a completely new area & culture).

I will keep you posted 🙂



Jodi Renshaw

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Jodi is a homeschooling Mom, a photographer, a wife, and a proud resident of the city of Bangor. She spends part of her time working at a locally-owned shop in the downtown area, part of her time homeschooling her favorite young man, and most of her time behind a camera lens. She often writes about adoption, family life, homeschooling, and community.