Monthly Archives: April 2007

Not Quite.

Well, I am not quite ready to post my items for sale on Etsy … yet … but I will be, I swear! Instead, I started a new project today that I am really excited about. It has something to do with the lightly drawn bird, some vintage fabrics, and a dinner plate. It is […]

We’re Back … in more ways than one!

Hello friends, We are back! We needed some time away to work on some personal healing in this household (thus the lack of blogging this week). And now we are well rested, rejuvenated, and ready to take on the world (or at least our enormous pile of laundry). We even found our first blooming flowers […]

A Lovely Spring Weekend.

Look what Daddy taught Isaac how to do today… sit in the freshly cleaned chicken coop and throw wood shavings all around! As I lay with Isaac in bed right now, I am still picking shavings out of his mini-fro. (Thanks Daddy!) The hens are not amused… As for me, I enjoyed making some pretend […]

Wonderful Week with Meaghan.

Ahhh… school vacations are sweet. And we are so thankful that Meaghan decided to spend hers with us. Isaac, Meaghan and I had such a great time together … creating, playing, cooking and relaxing. We made tie dyes: We cooked various goodies: We attended Isaac’s creativity/dance class and planted some spring seeds: We introduced Meg […]

Keeping My Sanity … Cooking & Crafting.

I am doing all I can to keep my spirits up in this insane “Spring” weather we are experiencing. This weekend saw us through yet another snowstorm … and if it weren’t for crafting and cooking, I might have gone insane (I did have one meltdown but cured it by browsing through some real estate […]

2-year old Yogi Master.

A little known fact of my life is that I have secretly harbored a desire to teach Yoga to young children. I am not totally sure why. I mean, I do like Yoga (like, not love) but I don’t practice it (although I have in the past). But the idea of sharing such a beautiful, […]

Needing A Change of Scenery.

Well, I don’t think we can take it anymore … Maine is currently experiencing another major snowstorm … and Halis and I are compiling our possible relocation list. Seriously. We think it may be time. We have now lived in Maine for over 12 years and it has been wonderful … until now. I think […]

45 Degrees and Counting!

Today was a lovely day in Maine … the sun was even out long enough to cast shadows … … and the day was made even better when Daddy arrived home early from work! He and Isaac lounged on the sun-soaked bed for a while … catching up on some reading. And to further the […]

Meaghan’s “Rockin” Good Karma.

I had no idea that Meaghan had a recital today. In fact, even as it began, I had no clue that it was even taking place … but I still made it there just in time! How? Well, Meaghan must have ordered it from the Universe, that’s how! As she was arriving at the entrance […]