Monthly Archives: March 2007

Isaac’s Celebration!

Well, it has been 2 days since Isaac’s big Birthday “Bash”, and I am almost fully recovered. (At least I have recovered enough to type up this post). It was such an incredibly full and fun weekend spent with loved ones. So full, in fact, that Isaac and I both slept until noon this morning. […]

Anticipating Tomorrow.

Tomorrow is Isaac’s first ever Birthday party! And it is his first birthday celebrated at home with his family. We are so excited. So many friends and family members are coming. Even a few surprise guests (including a four-legged one)! Today, Isaac and I made his Birthday cake. First, we needed some eggs … And […]

Washing Ducks.

So, it is 2 days before Isaac’s big birthday bash and we are busy getting ready for all his guests to arrive. The house has been cleaned, the linens have been pressed, the recipes have been gathered, the food has been purchased, the goody bags have been created, the games have been chosen, and the […]

Isaac’s Art & Dog.

It is a very rare occasion that I am ever away from “Mamma’s Baby” (aka Isaac). In fact, in the 10 months that he has been home, you can probably use your fingers and toes to count the number of hours that we have spent apart. Perhaps Isaac wishes for a little more freedom from […]

Spring Lamb.

I am a little sad about not finding the time to blog yesterday. I have no idea if anyone is actually reading this new blog … but I love typing up a few lines about our day … it feels like therapy. With that said … I don’t have much to say about today. Lots […]

Born to Ride.

Our sweet friend Meaghan slept over last night – during a heavy snow storm – and awoke to find quite the winter wonderland outdoors. I am not sure of the exact snowfall, but we must have gotten over a foot of snow. And it was the perfect “sticky” snow that is necessary for making a […]

Sick Day.

My poor little man wasn’t feeling well today. High temp, cough, watery eyes, etc. He and his dog just laid in bed watching movies for half the day and then slept through the other half. I guess that I haven’t been a Mom long enough to be assured that my son will be just fine […]

First Thrifting Post.

Well, today was supposed to be “Clean-my-house-Thursday” … but instead, because of my anxious mood and my need to escape the house, today became “Thrifty Thursday” (which sounds so much better anyway). My procrastination in figuring out whether I would spend the day cleaning or thrift store shopping really cut into my shopping time … […]