Chicken/Egg Debate.

My husband, whom I have been with since I was 15-years old, never ceases to surprise me with his wit and charm. Last night, he came out with one of the best one-liners I have ever heard! Here is the conversation. It took place at a Chinese Restaurant among our friends Johnny and Meaghan (age 10) ….

Meg: So which came first, Jodi, the chicken or the egg?

Jodi: The chicken of course. The chicken would have to lay the egg.

Meg: No, I think it is the egg. God made the egg first.

Jodi: Well, the egg would need the hen to keep it warm. So, the chicken came first.

Meg: Well, if God made the hen first, then he would have to make a rooster at the same time so that it could fertilize the egg.

Halis: NO, Not if it was an immaculate egg-seption!

(Ahhh… he’s a keeper 🙂


Jodi Renshaw

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