Thrifty Thursday.

Ok, so I didn’t actually go thrift store shopping TODAY … but “Thrifty Thursday” just sounds so right. Perhaps I will just use Thursday blog posts to showcase my thrift shopping finds for the week. Humor me my friends, I need some order in an otherwise chaotic life.

So, here are my Goodwill finds from my Monday shopping:

For about $40 or so, I bought the following:
A stack of children’s books
A classic “Bowling Bunnies” game
A red set of cloth place mats
A teal set of cloth place mats
4 Stainless Steel dipping bowls
A Little Tikes Wooden Peg Game
A Golden Book Tin w/Playing Cards
A *Brand New* Melissa & Doug Wooden Food Toy
A Juiceman Pro Juicer w/booklet
An Elmo Lunch Bag
A Yellow Tablecloth
Sneakers for Isaac
A Book for Halis
A Winter Jacket for Isaac (for next year)
A HomeSewn Apron
I did really well! And so did Isaac. He was with me through all that shopping and so, I couldn’t have done it without his cooperation 🙂 We are planning a Goodwill stop in Augusta tomorrow. And possibly Waterville. I’ll let you know how we do.
Oh, and I have placed the Juicer on Ebay. I only paid $7 for it – in like new condition – and they are selling for $60 plus. With the right bid, that juicer may pay for my whole shopping day.
Jodi Renshaw

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