Monthly Archives: March 2007

Goodness Prevails… watched this today … it gave me goosebumps … and some inspiration 🙂 Life is good. Thank you Mr. Rogers. And for some additional inspiration from a man who loves us all just the way we are … (grab some tissues)… Love, Jodi


Well, I have been cutting fabric in my free time, and I got to thinking that if I cut a little more than is required for the quilt I am working on, I can use the additional cuts to make some sort of additional quilted piece. Then I wondered what I might do with that […]

Routine & Inspiration.

Hello all! Today was a typical Wednesday (thankfully). Isaac and I attended his dance class at our friend Summer’s house… And then we visited our horse friends… Later, we returned home for Isaac’s afternoon nap and I worked on my new spring quilt project…  Ahhh… sometimes simple routine feels so good. I was thankful for […]

Mud Season Elicits New Projects…

Sounds like a newspaper headline, eh? Only in Maine though! “Mud Season” is an actual season here in Maine. Truly. It is then followed by “Blackfly Season”, a month of Summer, and then our absolutely stunning Autumn. Though I do get a little grumpy at this time of year (muddy dogs on the couch, muddy […]

Remembering Josh.

Well, our hearts have been heavy here this week. We simply may never recover from the loss of our friend Joshua Zowghi. In fact, it seems to get harder each day. With every new piece of information that we get regarding his last day on Earth, we are left with more questions, more heartache and […]

Every Being in the Universe.

The past two days have been difficult ones. Monday morning Halis received a phone call that our friend, Josh, had taken his own life. We, like so many others, are struggling to make sense of it… Tonight, I have been re-visiting some of my favorite spiritual readings in hope of finding something that will remind […]

Spring Bunnies.

Father Winter has yet to let go of his tight grip on Maine. But we are hopeful. Though we experienced 50 degree weather this week, we were sent a snowstorm yesterday in order to remind us that spring is not yet here. (Even though it has arrived here, here and here). But, that won’t stop […]

Chicken/Egg Debate.

My husband, whom I have been with since I was 15-years old, never ceases to surprise me with his wit and charm. Last night, he came out with one of the best one-liners I have ever heard! Here is the conversation. It took place at a Chinese Restaurant among our friends Johnny and Meaghan (age […]

Thrifty Thursday.

Ok, so I didn’t actually go thrift store shopping TODAY … but “Thrifty Thursday” just sounds so right. Perhaps I will just use Thursday blog posts to showcase my thrift shopping finds for the week. Humor me my friends, I need some order in an otherwise chaotic life. So, here are my Goodwill finds from […]