Monthly Archives: February 2007

Pirates & Beads.

I craft what I love. I love pirates and earrings. I love other things too but will get to those later 🙂 Here are some examples of what I have been busy creating. They will be available for sale on Etsy as soon as I get an account created. I have started a new “line” […]

Laid Back Tuesday.

Tuesday has recently become my “stay-at-home-and-get-things-done” day. Though I did get a few chores started, I am pretty sure that the only thing I actually completed was cooking supper and making banana nut bread. I always start out my Tuesdays with the best of intentions. However, I think my flaw today was that I just […]

Photographing Children.

There is something so wonderful about photographing children. They are such natural models, completely unencumbered by physical insecurities. Their inner light just shines through the camera and they love to display their personalities for the photographer. It is such a treat for me to follow a child with a camera. Last night, my son and […]

Isaac’s First Movie Theatre.

Last night I took Isaac to his first ever movie theatre. We saw Charlotte’s Web. It was an “okay” movie, but Isaac had the time of his life. He got to eat buttery popcorn, run up and down the movie theatre aisles, and play with his favorite girl, Meaghan … all while watching larger than […]